Bouvier Web 1Welcome to Shannon Forest Christian School! 

The idea of education in today’s culture has evolved into an idea that is primarily academic in orientation. While academics are vital, as they should be in every school, as Christians, it is imperative that we understand education from a deeper perspective.

Ruth J. Simmons, past president of Brown University, once said, “Education does not exist to provide you with a job; education is here to nourish your soul.” And, I believe she is right. There is a deeper, spiritual aspect to education that will impact every student well beyond academics. Education is certainly academic, but it also clearly communicates a spiritual perspective about the world.

At Shannon Forest, we are unapologetic about our worldview; it is distinctly Christian and rooted in discipleship. Every member of our faculty and staff understands that their calling, as teachers, is to teach in a way that is Christ-centered, academically excellent, and designed to move students into higher categorical thinking. They also understand that teaching is discipleship, by its very nature. Teachers, like it or not, present a certain view of the world to their students as they teach them. Shannon Forest embraces this truth, understanding that the Christian discipleship of each and every student on our campus is part of our calling as educators. Words like care, family, love and truth sit at the heart of what your student and family will experience once you set foot on the Shannon Forest campus.

A Shannon Forest education is unique. We understand that education is not about the mere regurgitation of content, but it is to educate students to answer the command of I John 4:1, which commands all Christians to “test the spirits.” The verse is rooted in the idea of testing that which is true from that which is false. To do this, one must know the truth, be able to think in higher categories, discern priorities, and work hard. These are the traits of a Shannon Forest student, and why I am so excited about our school.

As I close, I invite you to come and tour our campus and encounter the Shannon Forest Experience! I am confident that you will find a community marked by a deep concern for each student and family and a profound commitment in the provision of an excellent Christian education that produces students who think in the highest of categories.

In His Service,
Craig L. Bouvier
Head of School