Middle-High School
Clothing must always be neat and modest; not a source of distraction or disruption based on the opinion of the administration.
The dress code applies to all The Academy at Shannon Forest (ASF) students during the school day. Additional dress code guidelines may be issued for field trips, class trips, dances, prom, or other school functions.

As new styles and clothing patterns develop, administration will make modifications consistent with the intent of this policy. 


It is important for the parents to ensure their child is dressed in compliance with the published ASF Dress Code. The school administration views this as a parental commitment and responsibility and believes that dress code issues should be addressed and corrected at home rather than school.


Appropriate standards of dress should be exercised in the selection of apparel worn during athletic practices or physical education classes. Shorts must be modest in length and fit. Athletic shoes must be worn, unless activities demand otherwise. Midriffs should not be exposed at any time. Middle School classes are required to wear a uniform purchased through the school. 

The following shirts/tops are considered acceptable:
Collared shirts
Button-down shirts
T-shirts with appropriate graphic designs
Sweatshirts and hoodies
Tops that represent college teams or professional athletic teams 
The following shirts/tops are considered unacceptable:
Shirts that are too tight or overly baggy
Shirts that have holes or frays
Tank tops, tube tops, or halter tops
Tops that display inappropriate phrases,  symbols, or graphics
Tops that represent other schools, either public or private
Blankets are not allowed to be worn as jackets 
Tops that are sheer or see-through

Tops that have an open back

The following pants/shorts/dresses/skirts are considered acceptable:
Neat and modest in fit
No more than three inches above the top of the knee
The following pants/shorts/dresses/skirts are considered unacceptable:
Leggings or jeggings 
Pants that are frayed, torn, or have holes
Yoga pants 
Pajama pants or night clothes
Sweatpants or athletic warm-up pants
Athletic or gym shorts

Beachwear (including board shorts)

Athletic shoes must be worn during P.E. classes.
6th - 12th Grade students may wear flat-footed sandals as long as the sandal has a back strap. Flip flops or other beach-style or open-backed sandals may not be worn.
Slippers or plastic pool-style shoes are not permitted.

Shoes with heels exceeding 2 inches are not recommended. 

Makeup is not permitted on male students. 
Undergarments should not be visible. 
Hats and sunglasses are not permitted to be worn in the building.
Earbuds and headphones may not be worn during the school day (this includes lunch, break, and class changing time).
Extreme hairstyles and non-human hair color are not permitted.
Hair should be neatly trimmed and well kept.  
Facial hair is permitted but must be well-groomed and maintained. 
Female students may have their ears pierced, but no other visible body piercings are allowed. Male students may not wear jewelry in a visible body piercing.

Visible body tattoos are not permitted. 

K5 - 5th Grade Students for 2019 - 2020
  • Hemmed khaki or navy pants/shorts/skirts/skorts (minimum fingertip length)
  • Collared tops that are solid white, forest green, or navy.  Tops can be short or long sleeved 
  • Girls may also wear polo knit dresses (white, forest green, or navy), or navy or khaki jumpers.  All tights and leggings worn under items need to be solid school colors
  • Students must wear closed toed shoes or boots at all times
  • Coats and sweaters intended to be worn in the classroom should be in school colors 
  • Jackets and coats for outside play do not need to be in school colors 
  • Clothing that conforms to the school dress code can be found at Target, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Sears, J.C. Penney or Lands’ End
  • No hats may be worn during the day, unless for special dress occasions.
  • Fridays are “Spirit Wear” days (school t-shirts and sweatshirts are acceptable) 
  • Jeans may be worn on Fridays and should be free of rips, tears, and holes


Dress code violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Parents will be notified, via phone call or email when a dress code violation occurs. In some instances, parents may be required to bring a change of clothing. Continued violations of the dress code may warrant a conference with parents, detention, or suspension. 

Students should be dressed in campus appropriate attire, as determined for student safety, even when participating in off-site field trips. Variations may be made at the discretion of the administration.
Students must understand that even on field trips they are “in” school and must adhere to all the guidelines of the school.