Independent School Management (ISM) has recently completed its evaluation of Shannon Forest Christian School.  ISM has conducted literally thousands of these evaluations, and they are considered by many in the industry to be the Gold Standard of school evaluation.  This process was extensive, covering eighteen areas of the school, including school leadership, finances, and school culture. The purpose of this evaluation was two-fold: (1) to obtain an objective third party evaluation of the state of the school and (2) to utilize the evaluation to formalize a six year plan.  The Board and school leadership believe that both of these goals are critical to a successful launch of Shannon Forest as an independent Christian school.  

Shannon Forest Christian School received a very favorable evaluation of the state of the school.  The key findings were:  

  1. School leadership scored in the 95th percentile. 
  2. The Board scored an “incomplete” given that they do not yet have autonomy for governing the school.  Once the launch is complete this is believed to improve to a minimum of the 90th percentile.
  3. The financial position was scored in the 96th percentile for current operations, but the absence of sufficient reserves was noted as a strategic priority for the future.
  4. A growth-focused faculty culture was noted as a key strength of the school, and the strategic plan calls for a greater level of investment in our teachers.
  5. The six-year Strategic Plan has the following major themes:
  6. To continue to sharpen the Christ-centered and academic focal points of Shannon Forest Christian School by means of: (a) bylaws that articulate the Christ-centered focus; (b) policies that extend the bylaws’ implications into the everyday work of the Board and the school; and (c) instruments for faculty/student culture enhancement, designed to monitor and enhance student performance, satisfaction and enthusiasm.
  7. To build the Board’s membership and systems of operation to the levels necessary to govern a school newly independent of its church parent and Session.
  8. To achieve 100% coverage of operations expense with hard income, in order to shift annual fundraising away from support of budget-balancing to support of tangible enhancements related specifically to the teaching-learning experience of teachers and students.

In summary, both the process and the results of the ISM evaluation give us, as school leadership, confidence that we are continuing to make progress.  The findings of the evaluation also give us confidence in the school’s ability to move forward as an independent Christian school.

If you are interested in knowing more, you can find a copy of the Strategic Plan by clicking on the link below.  Thank you for your partnership with us as we do this important Kingdom work.


Bob Collins

SFCS President

pdfClick HERE for the complete SFCS Strategic Plan: 2013-2019