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The goal of the College Counseling at Shannon Forest Christian School (SFCS) is to help both students and parents navigate the path toward college admissions and decipher the breadth of information that is available regarding both college selection and application.

Each student at SFCS is unique; each has different goals and dreams; and each possesses their own set of tools and gifts. As Director of College Counseling at SFCS, I embrace these facts and work to provide each student with an individualized experience of both excellence and success. Working closely with students and their families throughout the year, enables me to be an advocate for their needs and interests.

Our hope is to not only help students be admitted to a range of undergraduate institutions, I strive to help each student find his or her “best fit” school. This means walking them through the ongoing process of figuring out which school will provide the experiences, skills, and educational opportunities that they are seeking.

Our Administration supports college focused initiatives that begin in 9th grade. Every piece of the Shannon Experience is tailored to instill strong values in our students, to prepare them for the real world, and to set them up for a lifetime of success. We begin with LAUNCH: a program designed to provide students with the tools they need to be successful in high school, college, and society at large. Sophomores have the opportunity; through EXPLORE, to experience his or her potential vocation through service, internship opportunities, and a career exploration trip.

PURSUE affords our juniors the opportunity to visit a number of colleges and universities with SFCS faculty and staff members. Students will be exposed to several different types of schools, learn what to look for in a college visit, and have the opportunity to meet with Admission Counselors and current college students. All juniors will have an interview with the College Counselor to discuss their educational and career goals. These goals are further explored through various aspects in Naviance/ Family Connection. We also host an annual “Junior Parent Night” to inform parents on and particulars details of college admissions.

Seniors and their parents benefit from our PURSUE. The senior year begins with a retreat, to outline the importance of their performance and to review the college application process.  Naviance/ Family Connection are utilized by students, parents, and me during the college application process.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or to set up an individual meeting and/or planning session. I look forward to working together throughout this season of your student’s life.

Victoria Jeffries
Director of College Counseling
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