Mission Statement: Educating and equipping students and families in the navigation of the college admission process through a commitment to partnership, guidance, and self-awareness.

Vision Statement: An individualized, four year experience rooted in the pursuit of a personalized educational pathway best suited for the interests, strengths, and talents of every student.

The Office of College Counseling at Shannon Forest Christian School (SFCS) provides a comprehensive and individualized college counseling experience for every student. Commitment to our values of partnership, self-awareness, and guidance allow us to achieve our goal of positioning students and families in ways that reveal God’s choices for them regarding college.

Every student at SFCS is unique with different strengths, talents, goals, and aspirations. Our highly personalized approach allows us to genuinely invest in each student as they navigate their college search. By working closely with each student, we are able to identify colleges that will be a great fit and allow our students to be positioned for success.   

First and foremost, the college admission process is a partnership, by nature. The role of the SFCS College Counseling office is to, first, create and sustain interactions between key participants involved in the process. The successful partnership of counselor, student, and parent(s) allows the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and plans to be achieved efficiently and effectively. If we communicate biblically, our successful partnership will translate to a healthy approach and successful execution of the college process.

Secondly, our office is committed to offering unparalleled guidance throughout the duration of the SFCS college admission process. We believe that by partnering with our guidance office, students will be able to find a pathway uniquely tailored for their strengths and interests. Finding direction for each student is our top priority, and our guarantee is that we will guide each student and family through this process biblically while rooted in what is best for the college direction for each student.

Finally, the college admission process is one of self-awareness. It is a time where students are challenged to honestly discover who they are and who they want to be. Self-Awareness provides our students a better understanding and recognition of their strengths, weaknesses, and interests. The success of the college admission process hinges on the successful exploration and self-identification of these defining characteristics. It is our office’s role to guide our students in the development of self-awareness and knowledge of the educational path that will best position them for future success.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to set up an individual meeting. I look forward to working with you throughout this process.

Corey Sanders
Director of College Counseling
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