Math Seminar for Parents!

Math Seminar 1

As more teachers look to add high-yield tasks to their curriculum, the struggle to make it all work becomes a challenge.  This session will examine how problem based lessons can be used throughout the scope of a unit and how to harness a student’s power to think in a forward fashion.  We will also explore strategies and tasks that help find a healthy balance between application, conceptual understanding and procedural fluency.  Contact Pam Erwin at with any questions.


About Our Learning Difference Program

If we truly believe that all students are gifted by God, then academic excellence will be defined as a program which helps each student meet his maximum potential."

--H. Gene Garrick

Lower School students (K5 - 5th Grade) meet with a trained therapist either individually or in small group settings, as deemed best for students. The remainder of the time is spent in the regular classroom with accommodations and/or modifications to meet the student's specific needs.The Learning Difference Program employs a variety of techniques developed by Orton Gillingham and other internationally known experts to stimulate areas of weakness in perception and cognitive processing. Parents are closely involved in the therapeutic process as therapists work closely with classroom teachers and the department administrator.

The Upper School Program (6th - 8th Grade) offers a Directed Study to students who qualify for the Learning Difference Program. Accommodations are generally made in all of the students' classes to ensure that the students will experience success and mastery of our college preparatory curriculum. Therapists work closely with the Upper School teachers to provide continuity and collaboration so that students will have the opportunity to pursue a higher education after graduation. During the Directed Study, students meet with trained Learning Difference Therapists to enhance organizational skills and different learning strategies. These students are provided extended time, on site testing, and oral testing as needed.

9th - 12th Grade students with diagnosed ADHD or Learning Disabilities and documentation on file are provided accommodations.  They may qualify for extended time testing with the College Board, but MUST have documentation on file and submit information via the SSD Coordinator, Pam Erwin.


Students and parents diagnosed with ADHD have a wonderful support tool provided through Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD). It is a national organization and conducts workshops for training teachers and parents, as well as, providing valuable insights for guidance both academically and socially in the lives of students diagnosed with ADHD. Support groups are also available throughout the state and can be accessed through this link.  If you have questions, please contact Pam Erwin at  To learn about CHADD click on the link below:

The International Dyslexia Association offers monthly journals for professionals and parents. Information is available at:

For more information, contact Pam Erwin, Learning Differences Coordinator at