As stated in the Parent/Student Handbook, each student in 9th - 12th Grade will need to complete a Cultural Appreciation Points (CAP) credit.  Students must fulfill their CAP requirement to get credit for their English course.  CAP requires that students do the following:

1. All students must attend TWO cultural events during the 2018-2019 school year.  This includes plays, musicals, concerts, art exhibits, cultural festivals, museums, etc.  Shannon Forest Christian School (SFCS) events are encouraged but not required.

2. Students must type a 200-word summary of the event in a typed word document. The summary should include the following:

·        title of the event
·        date of the event
·        location of the event
·        a summary of the event
·        a personal response to the event.

3. Students must have documentation of the event.  This can be a brochure or ticket stub.  If neither is available, a parent signature confirming that they attended the event will suffice.

4. All essays must be turned into Ashley King by an established deadline.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ashley King.  Students that have only attended SFCS for one semester will only need to fulfill one credit.