We desire to make Christian education available to all families who passionately desire their children to learn and know Christ at Shannon Forest Christian School.  Tuition assistance is available for families based upon financial need.  In order to provide families with complete confidentiality and objectivity, our school utilizes the services of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, a service of FACTS Management Company, Inc. We encourage all families who have financial need to apply for tuition assistance.

Application for Shannon Forest Christian School Financial Aid opens on Friday, February 8, 2019.
Applications for Financial Aid must be completed by Friday, March 29. A completed application includes the four components listed below; an application will not be reviewed if any of the four components below are missing.

  • All required fields completed in the online application
  • The financial aid application fee paid
  • 2018 W-2s
  • 2017 tax returns

Completed applications will be reviewed on two consideration dates, March 4, 2019 and April 1, 2019. Financial Aid awards will be communicated to families as soon as possible.

Applying for Financial Aid:

- Students must first be enrolled/re-registered for the upcoming school year and all applicable fees must be paid before a completed financial aid application will be considered. (Re-registration fees can be refunded if tuition assistance granted is not adequate for continued enrollment.)
- All accounts must be current.
- All documentation required by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment must be uploaded directly to the financial aid application or faxed to FACTS.
- Applications must be completed (including all required documentation submitted) by Friday, March 29, 2019.

Financial Aid Application Link:  https://online.factsmgt.com/aid 

When completing your financial aid application, please select First Presbyterian Academy, Inc., Greenville SC 29615 as the school to which you are applying for financial aid. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is financial aid?
Financial aid at Shannon Forest is a grant applied to tuition that does not have to be repaid. It is awarded on the basis of a family’s demonstrated financial need.

Does Shannon Forest offer merit scholarships?
No. Financial aid is based solely on a family’s demonstrated financial need.

Who may apply for financial aid?
Families with students in all grades, both returning student and new students, may apply. Returning students must be re-enrolled with all applicable fees paid and their account in good standing. New students must be accepted and enrolled with all applicable fees paid. Re-enrollment fees or enrollment fees can be refunded if the tuition assistance granted is not adequate for continued enrollment.

How do I apply for financial aid?
We require all families to complete an application online through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment by March 29.
Supporting documentation required by FACTS, includes a signed copy of your 2017 federal tax returns and all supporting schedules, 2018 W-2 forms, and if applicable, partnership/sole proprietorship and/or corporate returns. Documentation can be uploaded directly to the online financial aid application or faxed directly to FACTS. Requirements are included in the online instructions given when you complete your application.

Is there a fee for applying?
There is a $35 application fee that is paid online directly to FACTS.

What is the deadline for applying?
The deadline to submit a completed financial aid application is March 29, 2019 for currently enrolled students. New students enrolled after this date will still be given consideration.

What is “demonstrated financial need”?
“Demonstrated financial need” is defined as the difference between the tuition cost at Shannon Forest and the amount which a family is able to pay for their student’s education (as calculated by FACTS) in a given year. FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment provides a recommendation of a family’s ability to pay for education. The school uses this recommendation to help determine the amount of aid that will be awarded.

Who will qualify for financial aid?
Individual family circumstances will determine if a family qualifies for financial aid. Need is calculated by taking into account family size, all sources of income, priority of spending, current financial obligations, assets, liabilities and long term financial strength. Therefore, it is impossible to predict whether a family will qualify for aid without going through the application process.

What happens if I cannot meet the deadlines (e.g. tax return extensions, non-cooperation from one parent, etc.)?
Unfortunately you are at a disadvantage if your application is not complete by the stated deadline. We do understand that sometimes factors are beyond the family’s control and we will work with families to the best of our ability.

What happens if parents are divorced, separated or have never been married?
Each situation is unique and will be handled on an individual basis. Shannon Forest will take into account custodial and child support arrangements. The expectation is that the financial aid application will be completed with all relevant financial information, including support that may be provided by both parents. Financial information may be requested from both parents.

If either parent has remarried, the income and assets of the step-parent may be considered with full appreciation for and sensitivity to the obligations of that parent to his/her own biological children. If either parent lives in a household with another adult, we may consider the income and assets of that individual depending on the circumstances.

If the non-custodial parent does not have legal parental rights, or has not been involved in the child’s life for a period of time, financial information of the non-custodial parent will not be considered.

How and when are applicants informed of the financial aid decision?
Financial aid applicants who have met the March 29 deadline will be notified of the financial aid decision as soon as possible after financial aid award amounts have been determined.

If we cannot pay the Parent’s Responsibility noted on the award contract, is there an appeal process?
Yes. Appeals must be made in writing to the Head of School - Craig Bouvier. Please include all information that would warrant reconsideration of the financial aid award.

What costs will financial aid cover?
Financial aid covers tuition only; it does not cover student fees, lunches, late stay, after school classes or other incidental expenses.

Is financial aid automatically renewed each year?
No. Renewal of a financial aid grant is based on proof of continued financial need, as well as evidence that the student has exhibited academic progress and good citizenship. Changes in income, family status, employment changes and/or financial obligations may result in increases or decreases in an award or potential elimination of financial need. Therefore, Shannon Forest requires families receiving financial aid to re-apply each year and the amount of assistance may change.

Who do I contact if I have addtional questions?
Please contact Andrea MacMeccan at amacmeccan@shannonforest.com