2018-2019 Additional Fees


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2018-2019 Tuition & Fees

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TUITION & FEES 2012—13

Office of Business Administration ½ 864.678.5125


NEW STUDENTS One-time fees, non-refundable                                                           

                Application Fee due with application                                             $150                         

Enrollment Fee                                                                           $450 for one student                                     

                                                                                                                                                                $250 for every additional student           


RETURNING STUDENTS Annual fee, non-refundable                             

Re-Enrollment Fee per student                                                  $300 beginning February 1

                                                                                                                                                                $225 until January 31

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FEE Annual fee                                                  $400 $100 refundable

TUITION SCHEDULE Rates are subject to change annually at the discretion of the School Board            

PK3, PK4                                                         3 Day | Full                                                                        $4700

                                                                                5 Day | Half                                                                       $4500

                                                                                5 Day | Full                                                                        $6200

KT, K5                                                  5 Day | Half                                                                        $5000

                                                            5 Day | Full                                                                         $6700

Lower            School                            1st—5th                                                                             $7200

Middle School                           6th—8th                                                                               $8000

High School                              9th—12th                                                                           $8900


PLAN A | ANNUAL                                       PLAN B | SEMESTER                                             PLAN C | MONTHLY

Due June 15                                        Due June 15 and December 15                Twelve drafts beginning in June

6% Discount                                        No Discount                                               No Discount      

DISCOUNTS May not be combined to exceed 40%

MULTI-STUDENT Discounts are pro-rated for partial-day programs

                Two Enrolled Students | 2.5% discount applied to second student’s tuition

                Three Enrolled Students | 5.0% discount applied to third student’s tuition

                Four Enrolled Students | 7.5% discount applied to fourth student’s tuition

                Five or more Enrolled Students | 10% discount applied to fifth and each additional student’s tuition


                All graduates of Shannon Forest Christian School are eligible for a 20% discount on their student’s tuition at SFCS


                An annual discount of 6% is available under Plan A

Failure to meet payment deadlines will result in the loss of the discount

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS For additional information regarding discounts, contact the Office of Business Administration

Discounts are applicable towards tuition payments only and may not be applied towards additional programs or fees


FOCUS Fostering Opportunities for Creativity and Uniqueness in Students                         

3rd—6th                                                                            $2200

LDP Learning Difference Program

                                                            K—5th                                                                                 $4950

                                                                6th—12th                                                          $2500


We desire to make Christian education available to all families who passionately desire their children to learn and know Christ at Shannon Forest Christian School. Accordingly, our School Board has budgeted tuition assistance for families based upon financial need. In order to provide families with complete confidentiality and objectivity, our school utilizes the services of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, a service of FACTS Management Company, Inc. The amount of money designated by the School Board is limited. Financial aid is awarded on an annual basis only; families must reapply annually and should not assume that the same amount will be awarded each year.


ü  Students must first be enrolled/re-registered for the school year in which they need financial aid and all applicable fees paid

ü  Applications are available on www.factstuitionaid.com and must be completed by May 1

ü  All accounts must be current


ü  The New Student Application Fee is due upon submission of the New Student Application.

ü  The New Student Enrollment Fee is due upon acceptance within five (5) business days and prior to beginning classes.

ü  The annual Re-Enrollment Fee is due upon submission of the Re-Enrollment Application and prior to enrollment in future classes.

ü  Annual payments and/or annual memberships refer to the annual schedule and calendar of the SFCS academic year running June—May.

ü  Tuition and (re)enrollment forms must contain the SSN of the applicant student(s) and the party responsible for payments. No class registration requests will be processed until such information has been provided.

ü  All monthly drafts and credit card options are arranged through FACTS, an independent service.

ü  There will be no refunds made for temporary absences.

ü  All fees are non-refundable. Exceptions may be made in situations regarding financial aid denial and/or refusal only. 

ü  Additional programs, extracurricular options, academic electives and enrichment activities may incur additional costs.


ü  Due dates for all fees are firm and students will not be assigned classes until all applicable fees are paid and a payment plan has been agreed upon with the Office of Business Administration.

ü  Failure to meet established payment deadlines will result in an additional late charge of $100 and the forfeiture of any plan discount.

ü  There will be an additional $35 charge for all returned checks and any NSF FACTS drafts.

ü  Tuition payments are due in advance. Tuition and/or fees that are 30 days past due will necessitate a Letter of Notification and may require immediate withdrawal of the student(s) until the account is made current. All report cards, transcripts and school records will be held until the account is current. Additionally, no student will be permitted to participate in semester exams or graduation exercises and may not be allowed to participate in any school functions, including Athletics. Once an account is 60 days past due it will be turned over to collections.

ü  Continued failure to meet payment obligations and/or agreements in a timely manner will result in action by the School Board which may result in the refusal of continued enrollment and/or re-registration for subsequent semesters whether or not the obligation is paid.


ü  A Withdrawal/Disenrollment Form must be completed by the parent and/or guardian for each child prior to the official release of any report cards, transcripts and school records.

ü  Withdrawal and/or disenrollment from the school will require a withdrawal/disenrollment assessment processing fee of $300 per student, if the withdrawal/disenrollment occurs within 30 days prior to the start of or during the calendar school year regardless of the nature of the withdrawal/disenrollment. No exceptions.

ü  Families are responsible for all charges, including tuition, for the quarter in which the student is enrolled, regardless of the nature of the withdrawal/disenrollment.