Greetings to all 6th – 12th Crusader families: 

As we head into summer, there are a few details regarding next year that we would like to get on your radar: 

Forms- Important Physical Info! All students participating on a SFCS athletic team must turn in all forms in order to participate. No student will be allowed to practice until all forms are complete and on file in the athletic office. Please note that this year your physical form must be dated June 1, 2016 or later. If you cannot get your pediatrician to do this physical due to insurance reasons, you will need to go to a walk-in clinic and pay for a sports physical. Please make sure to take the SFCS forms with you when you go to the doctor. We will not be doing physicals at SFCS this year, so please make plans to have this done after June 1...especially if you are a fall athlete! Click here to access all required athletic forms for 2016-17. 

Fall Teams Start Dates The start date for all fall teams is August 1. Information and schedules for each team will be communicated at a later date. 

Crusader Club Athletic Fees All who participate on a SFCS athletic team are required to pay an annual athletic fee which makes them members of the Crusader Club. The fee for 2016-17 is $175 first the first child and $100 for each additional child. The Crusader Club is offering a discounted rate of $160/$90 if paid in full by August 15. In addition, on August 15, "Back-to-School-Night", the Crusader Club will have a drawing (to include all who have paid in full by August 15) to provide one family a complimentary Crusader Club membership ($175 value...they will receive a credit for this amount). 

Email lists - have you indicated interest so we can stay in touch? We have done fall preseason sign-ups and are creating teams/schedules according to interest. If your student has not expressed interest and would like to do so please respond to this email with name, grade and sport they are interested in. We have the following options: 

1. MS, JV and Varsity Volleyball 
2. MS Boys soccer 
3. MS Cross Country - co-ed 
4. Varsity Cross Country co-ed 
5. Varsity Swimming (grades 6-12) *students in grades 6-8 must be approved by AD and coach 
6. US Boys' Volleyball - this is in the developmental stage 

As always, we are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding athletics at Shannon Forest Christian School. We are honored to partner with you in raising your child and consider participation in athletics an awesome opportunity to experience God’s goodness and grace. We are excited about the upcoming year – GO CRUSADERS! 

David Thompson
Athletic Director

Sue Eckstein

Assistant AD

Sports Offered By Season
MS Boys Soccer
MS Volleyball
MS Cross Country
Varsity Cross Country
Varsity Swimming
JV Volleyball
Varsity Volleyball
MS Girls Basketball
MS Boys Basketball
JV Mens Basketball
Varsity Mens Basketball
Varsity Womens Basketball
Varsity Cheerleading
MS Girls Soccer
MS Baseball
Varsity Mens Soccer
Varsity Womens Soccer
Varsity Golf
Varsity Track & Field
Varsity Baseball