Head of School

Craig Bouvier

Chief Financial Officer
Judy Bishop, CPA

Upper School Principal
Daniel Thompson 

Lower School Principal
Lisa Muse 

Assistant to the Head of School/Assistant Athletic Director
Academic Dean



Director of College Counseling 

Director of Marketing and Communications

Graphic/Communications Coordinator
Emma Jana 

Registrar and Student Services Support 

Facilities Manager/Accounts Payable

Linda J. Jarvis  

Family Billing/Accounts Receivable Coordinator 
Human Resources Coordinator
Heather Bledsoe
School Nurse
Beth Norman
Shannon Beginnings Director
Laurie Thrasher

(864) 678-5123

Lower School Lunch Room/FlexTime
Tammy Muller
(864) 678-5123
Brown Dunlap
Daniel Norman
Rebecca Rose

Administrative Assistants

Main Office: Upper School Office
Tracie Blair

Lower School Office
Laura Boehm
(864) 678-5119