Head of School

Craig Bouvier

Chief Financial Officer
Judy Bishop, CPA

Upper School Principal
Daniel Thompson 

Lower School Principal
Lisa Muse 

Academic Dean



Director of College Counseling
Corey Sanders 

Communications Coordinator

Graphic/Communications Coordinator
Emma Jana 

Registrar and Student Services Support 

Facilities Manager/Accounts Payable

Linda J. Jarvis  

Family Billing/Accounts Receivable Coordinator 
Human Resources Coordinator
Heather Bledsoe
School Nurse
Beth Norman
Shannon Beginnings Director
Laurie Thrasher

(864) 678-5123

Lower School Lunch Room/FlexTime
Tammy Muller
(864) 678-5123
Rebecca Rose Mayo Hunt


Administrative Assistants

Main Office: Upper School Office
Tracie Blair

Lower School Office
Laura Boehm
(864) 678-5119