Crusader Connection News


The Publix Partners Program has changed, but you can still support our school while doing your grocery shopping!  To sign up go to and follow the instructions below:

·       Click “Sign Up” in top left corner
·       Fill in your Name, Address, Email address, Phone Number, and Password for your account
·       Click “Sign UP” button
·       You will receive an email confirming your account asking you to verify your account request
·       Click the link in the email confirming your email account is requesting the Publix Account
·       You will now be able to sign into your Publix Account by entering your new Account Name (email address) and password you just set up
·       Click “My Settings” Tab
·       Look for the “My Publix Partner” Box and click “Select a School”
·       In the Box type: Shannon Forest Christian School
·       Click the “Select” Button

·       You are now all set up and at check-out, enter your phone number on the keypad and your purchase will go towards SFCS.

Thank you for supporting Shannon Forest!