Shannon Forest Christian School’s Drama program instructs in theatre performance basics, focusing on the actor’s voice, body, and intent. In addition, students learn introductory technical terms and skills for directing and designing theatrical performances. 

Upper School Courses

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Our program divides courses between Middle School Drama (6th - 8th Grades) and High School Drama (9th -12th Grades). Both divisions focus on learning and developing the actor’s voice and body through vocal and physical warm ups, improvisational exercises, and educational units covering vocal health/use,  physical awareness/characterization, character intent/commitment (through solo/duet/group acting), readers theatre, directing, and impromptu speaking/storytelling. Students also study Greek/Roman, Medieval, Elizabethan, and Modernist theatre history, studying scenes from plays written in each period.

Upper School Competition

Shannon Forest Christian School is a current member of the South Carolina Speech and Theatre Association (SCSTA). SCSTA hold an annual competitive festival for Middle School and High School levels featuring original monologue, solo acting, duet acting, readers theatre, impromptu speaking, poetry interpretation, and five more categories in which students may compete. 


•SCSTA High School Festival Readers Theatre 3rd Place (2014)

Upper School Performance

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The Shannon Forest Christian School Upper School Drama Department presents one to two performances each year. Recent seasons have included The Wizard of Oz, The Giver, and The Sherlock Holmes Comedy Trilogy. 

Congratulations to the cast and crew of "Seussical the Musical, Jr."!

My Goodness! My Gracious!
They shouted a musical.
It’s something brand new,
It’s a fantussical, Seussical!

We’re off and running and what a great start.
Look at the list below to see who got a part!

Cat in the Hat: Julius Peter (Understudy: Cadence Boehm)
Horton: Landon Best
Gertrude: Mary Grace Williams
Mayzie: Theresa Peter
Mr. Mayor: Ladson Ellis
Mrs. Mayor: Liddy Agbomi
JoJo: Aiden McConnell
Sour Kangaroo: Cadence Boehm (Understudy: Eden Cummings)
Young Kangaroo: Selah Boehm
Boy: Ansley Pedersen
The Grinch: Holly Weathers
Vlad Vladikoff: Jacob Bettano
Yertle the Turtle: Brooke Johnson
Wickersham Brothers: Davin Brunson (Others TBA)
Dr. Dake: Caroline Porterfield
Thing 1: Karis King
Thing 2: Emily Long

Libby Anne Austin
Caroline Baughman
Jacob Bettano
Lily Boyd
Claire Butcher
Eden Cummings
Taylor Ellis
Katlyn Goad
Paige Harris
Megan Harrison
David Herrera
Rachel Jue
Connie Juhnevicz
Mona Kubler
Brandon Leonard
Ella Mitchell
Callie Moreland
Ansley Pedersen
Emily Ruth Pedersen
Caroline Porterfield
Mariana Wiehen Faesi

Sound: Sarah Nachtmann
Stage Manager: Laura Wellons
Lights: Austin Zehr
Stage Hands: Sara Kate Alexander & Riley Watkins

Friday, April 29 & Saturday, April 30, 2016

Seussical, Jr. Cast Parent Handbook

Competitive Speech and Debate

Competitive Speech and Debate begins with a basic overview of the events for competition, those that are individual and debate related. The aspects of logical reasoning and argumentation are studied, as well as the basics of good communication. Students are to research and present arguments on current issues. They will also learn how to write an effective speech, and develop interpretation skills. These students participate in locally held National Forensic tournaments throughout the school year.

Lower School

Lower School students use the art of Drama to delve into historical studies taking part in the grade level classrooms. 1st Grade students present the All-American Picnic presentation, 3rd Grade students culminate their study of the state with the South Carolina History Musical and 4th Grade students perform a drama about the historical travels of Lewis and Clark.