Shannon Forest Christian School (SFCS) Alumni have experienced first-hand the powerful, positive, and transformative effect our Christ-centered, quality education has had on the lives of those who have passed through our doors. As Alumni, your support of time, experience, and philanthropic investment is key to sustaining SFCS for many generations to come.

All alumni are encouraged to make a gift to the Annual Fund. It is not the size of the gift that is important; it is your willingness to make a donation each year. Each and every gift is critical to maintaining the high standards of all of the programs at Shannon Forest Christian School.

Please stay in touch with us and with your fellow alumni through Facebook. We have a page titled Shannon Forest Alumni Association. We look forward to staying connected and hearing about your endeavors.

Please know that your years here at Shannon are remembered by your committed teachers, your current studies, careers and families are held up in prayer and the hope for your continued growth in Christ remains in the forefront of your Shannon Forest family.

For more information, contact Head of School - Craig Bouvier via Tracie Blair at 864.678.5107 or