The Endowment Campaign will provide the resources to strategically meet the financial needs of the school in perpetuity.

What Are the Advantages to an Endowment?

The Long-term stability of Shannon Forest Christian School is the main reason to create an endowment fund.  The recent economically challenged years have reminded all of us of the need for long-term planning.  An endowment helps diversify our income and reduces our dependency on the current fiscal year.  Its income can be used for salaries to retain and attract the finest teachers and will help us improve, maintain, or establish new facilities.  Funds can also be dedicated to benefit a specific program or service.

If you are interested in gifting an endowment to Shannon Forest Christian School, please consider consulting with your legal and tax advisors.  We would be happy to meet with you to help ensure your wishes become a reality.

For more information, contact Head of School - Craig Bouvier via Tracie Blair at 864.678.5107 or