This is a question that comes to mind when this time of the year rolls around. Why give to the Annual Fund? Answers tend to be varied, but the answers are not the issue. The question is. It is a good and valid question that you should ask each year. Why, then, should you give to the Annual Fund?

First, an Annual Fund is an important part of every school. It supplements budgets, provides support to faculty and staff and keeps tuition hikes in check. The Annual Fund, in essence, provides a scholarship to every student, especially when schools, like ours, work hard to keep tuition affordable.

As a school, we try to keep up with all that is new in education. Educational change, especially educational technology, has accelerated at such a rate that even cost of living increases struggle to keep up at times. Annual funds help bridge the gap between what is need and what is affordable.

Which returns us to our question, why should you give to our Annual Fund?

Here are three reasons I am giving to the Annual Fund:

First, as a Christian, I have been taught to tithe and give above the tithe. I tithe to my church, as is Biblical, but I also give above the tithe to ministries that I feel are distinctly Christian and cultural change agents. I am giving to Shannon Forest Christian School because I believe in its Mission and in its ability to change the world one student at a time for Christ.

Second, my children attend Shannon Forest Christian School, and I invest in that which partners with me in my Christian faith to educate and equip my children to pursue excellence and impact the world for Jesus Christ. An investment in Shannon Forest is an investment in my children's future.

And, finally, I am a huge advocate of ministries that engage culture for Christ. I personally believe that the Christian school is one of the best ways to engage culture in a manner that will change culture. As Deuteronomy references, education is not only for learning content and equations; it serves as a vehicle to transfer the soul of one generation to another.

As you consider the annual fund this year, please do not hesitate to come see us and ask us hard questions about our future in order to get all the information you need. I know I am giving to the Annual Fund this year. I pray that you will consider doing the same for the sake of all of our students. Blessings!

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