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The 2018 Shannon Forest Middle School Youth In Government delegation took Columbia by storm, and they have returned home having accomplished much success.  

Hollyn Nelson won Outstanding Stateswoman. This award was given to approximately 10 Middle School students out of the approximately 600 present.  It is based on participation, speaking on behalf or against other bills, and professionalism. 

Two bills were signed by the Youth Governor

·       An Act to Remove Income Tax for Minors by Benji Horton, Jeremy McPeters and Brooke Dhillon

·       An Act to Protect Minors from Being Affected by Secondhand Smoking and Vaping in a Vehicle by Eden Cummings, Alyssa Heaton and Amber Bailey 

The following bills made it through committee and both chambers and are on the Youth Governor’s desk waiting for his signature or veto.  Because of time constraints (caused by the Veteran's Day observation) - we will be notified via email of their status later this week.

·       An Act to Raise the Fine and Jail Time for Animal Neglect by Amelia Agra, Rebecca Smart, and Bella Tomforde 

·       An Act to Increase the Number of Homeless Shelters in South Carolina by Andrew MacMeccan, Kyle Kivett and Kaiden Sample

·       An Act to Increase the Tax on Disposable Plastic Import and Production by Chloe Nickles, Aiden McConnell and Aubrey Glenn

·       An act to Require CPR Education in Middle & High Schools in South Carolina by Claire Butcher and Reese Bryant 

·       An Act to Lower Nicotine Content & Eliminate Flavor in E-Cigarettes by Serrell Niemela, Daniel Henao and Iain Weber

·       An Act to Eliminate Daylights Savings Time in South Carolina by Hollyn Nelson, Anderson Mathias and Trenton Frey 

·       An Act to Stop Pounds and Animal Shelters from Killing Animals by James Nickles, Alexis Sanchez and Liam Nelson 

·       An Act to Require Cyclists to Bike on the Shoulder of the Road by Nolan Paladugu and Zack Tattershall

·       An Act to Reduce Opioid Overdoses by Zander Wilk Ruble, Samuel Norman and Miguel Escobar

Well done, Crusaders!

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