Shannon Forest Christian School includes a full range of Enrichment Programs for both parents and students.  The word enrichment means “to improve the quality of something; to make something better.”  The quality of the Shannon Experience is made better through our community joining together in our Parent/Teacher Fellowship organization, vibrant student organizations, community service that includes preschool through the 12th Grades, and regular Praise & Worship/small group spiritual connection time.

Shannon Forest also provides convenient FlexTime care for students in PK3 – 5th Grades, a full array of after school activities through the Crusader Afterschool Network (C.A.N.) and a fun-filled Summer at Shannon Program.

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Discover Ministry

PRO- Parents Reaching Out

School Year FlexTime Care (KT - 5th Grade)

School Year Enrichment (C.A.N. KT - 5th Grade)

Service Learning

Student Organizations

Summer At Shannon