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Dear Shannon Forest Christian School Community,

Our school is known throughout Greenville for its family atmosphere and sense of community.  The involvement of all parents, grandparents and guardians is vital to fostering a spirit of unity that is unique to Shannon Forest Christian School.

It is our desire to encourage every family to participate in the events that help to make us more than just a school. This can be accomplished by getting involved in our parent volunteer organization PRO -Parents Reaching Out.

PRO was created to nurture and support the teachers, staff, students and families at Shannon Forest. The objective of PRO is to focus on teacher appreciation and school-wide community fellowship. PRO is not a fundraising arm of the school.  However there will be one fundraising event each year to generate funds to support PRO events throughout the year.

All parents and guardians of students currently enrolled are automatically members of PRO - there are no sign-ups or membership fees.  Each family completing 10 hours of service for our school will be eligible to receive a $100 refund on the 2016-2017 Capital Improvement Fee.  Simply log in your hours at the any one of the three offices across campus.

We look forward to your involvement in PRO!

Laura Boehm