Shannon Forest Christian School (SFCS) Student Council is a group of student leaders committed to the interest of the student body.  As they strive to be the voice of all students, they bring the needs, opinions, and concerns of the students to the administration.  They work with community leaders to incorporate service projects that will increase the schools impact on the Greenville area. Student Council is also responsible for the social activities at SFCS.  They plan High School and Middle School events including dances and parties to name a few.  One of the most exciting weeks of the school year is Spirit Week where student council organizes activities, events, and fundraisers for each day of the week.  Student Council gives students an opportunity to develop leadership skills, participate in school activities, and learn how to stand out among their peers. If you know of any projects in which this student led group can be involved, please contact the Main School Office at (864) 678-5107.


2017-2018 Student Council

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected to serve as Shannon Forest’s 2017-2018 Student Body Officers.

President: AJ Cowley
Vice-President: Thomas Gasque
Secretary: Madeline Makowski
Treasurer: Caroline Baughman

Parliamentarian: Julia Harris

Middle School President: Lucas Rodgers
Middle School Vice-President: Lily Shi
Middle School Secretary: Jeremy McPeters

2017-2018 Student Council Class Representatives

Katlyn Goad
Callie Moreland
Heddy McGrey
Sawyer Norman

Alexander Case
Rachel Diemer
Lauren Doughty
Chase Wheeler

Luke Alsborg
Jack Cummings
Victoria McGovern

Cadence Boehm
Faith Gilmore
Emilie Jeffries
Asher Moorhouse

8th Grade
Mickey Liu

7th Grade
Chris Agbomi
Eden Cummings
Cerys Dempsey
Nolan Paladugu